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Oversoul Satan

I believe Satan is the soul of humanity.  I feel the story of Satan’s fall from Heaven, and Adam & Eve’s expulsion from the Garden are the same story.  I feel that the Muslim story of Allah’s expulsion of Iblis (or Azazil) from Paradise due to his refusal to bow to newly created humanity shows it better.  Iblis’ punishment for refusing to bow was to himself become the soul of newly created humanity.  The bondage of the Devil is incarnation, the links of his chains are our individual existences, we are the division of his unity.  This is, of course, only looking from the Christian perspective of existence as innately sinful and the spirit of Life as therefore, anti-God.  

I do not agree with this point of view, I am more Thelemic in this way, “existence is pure joy”.  I do see Satan as the Soul of Nature, and especially humanity.  Or perhaps I should say I see Satan as the human face of the Soul of Nature.  In this way I am somewhat Laveyan in that I do adore Satan as the Self, and Satanism is therefore Self Worship.  I differ in that I believe we all embody different points ov view of this One Self, the Oversoul.  For me Jesus Christ embodies this same idea in an esoteric sense, I just have a aesthetic preference for the Devil. 

Some folks look into the eyes of those around them and see Jesus looking back.  I look into the eyes of those around me and I see the Devil, the same Devil that radiates in the heart of my own being, and therefore, against the stereotype, I do love my neighbor as I love myself.  Hail Satan.



Of course, my ramblings about Babalon, the Beast & such has triggered a resurgence of my Thelemic interest.  I had no plan to discuss any of that, it just came out, and has been the subject of a lot of thought for me since.  I have been listening to the Speech in the Silence and Thelemic Living podcasts.  I have been researching 418 Lodge in Sacramento. Funny, it seems to have been active since 1979 I think, but when I was a Minerval, living in Sac in the late 1980’s I knew nothing about it.  I was involved w/ Invisible House Oasis, er, I think it was an oasis, and I’m fairly sure that was the name, but this was the midst of my heavy drug period.  I remember doing the LPR on a balcony where there was barely room to turn, wired and stoned out of my mind. Most of my real participation happened at Thelema Lodge in Berkeley. Those were interesting days.  I never applied for my first degree.

Now, however, I’m considering reconnecting.  I have begun the twice daily LPR and Liber Resh, w/ I have not done in ages. ( I do a 4-fold sun salutation, but it’s not Resh.)  I want to see if I can maintain the discipline that I could not before.  I haven’t started saying Will yet, or the magickal diary, but if I can keep the rest going I will.

I had some issues w/ the order before, but I do not know if they were based on reality or the drug and constant panic-attack stricken state of my mind at the time. There were some real issues, like the Satanic imagery and sex, that I had major fears of at the time (much to my surprise). But those are soooo not an issue any more, heh heh heh.

So,… once I have my car in order again and can afford the gas, I’m going to 418’s Gnostic Masses and try a few classes, feel out the Lodge and see if the OTO is really something I want to try again. 



After reflection upon the last post, it occurs to me that the Beast is the worshiper, the “individual” involved.  I am also remembering Baphomet being referred to as the child of Babalon and the Beast.  This makes me think that when the Beast has given it’s last drop of blood into the cup of Babalon, and she has born it across the Abyss, the Beast is itself reborn as Baphomet.  It’s amazing how rambling on about something can bring clarity.


Ramble upon The Beast

As clear as Babalon is to me, the Beast upon whom she rides is much more confusing.  Babalon is usually seen as the bride of the Beast, and yet she is the bride of Chaos, or the other side of Chaos.  The Beast has 7 heads and 10 horns.  The heads would seem to refer to the 7 sephiroth below the Abyss, and the 7 philosophical planets w/ which they are associated.  The 10 horns would appear to allude to the 10 sephiroth of the complete tree, minus the 11th, ‘false’ sephiroth of Daath.  This makes me think the Beast is Creation, and the constellation of the Ego w/ it’s multitude of Selves.  And yet there is a passage from, I think Vision and the Voice, but I’m not sure, where Chaos is referred to as “whom men call the Beast”.  I went through a period of time where I thought maybe the Beast was Baphomet.

As I stand now, I think of Babalon in Binah, Chaos in Chokmah, and Baphomet in Kether, and yet, Baphomet seems to embody the tree entire, but then,…….  It’s funny how much I think using the framework of the Kabalistic Tree, but I don’t think of myself as a Kabalist.  Gematria, are you kidding me?  Anywhoo,…..  I currently think of Chaos, Babalon, and Baphomet as the Unity above the Abyss and the Beast as the Division below the Abyss, though in “truth” all is one, as shown in the image of Baphomet.  

It puts me in the mind of Durga and the Asuras from the Chandi, wherein the Asuras (devils or thoughts) have taken over the worlds and unseated the Gods.  The Gods call upon the Great Mother who manifests as Durga from their combined Shaktis (energies or powers) and she defeats the Asuras.  Their leader, who’s name escapes me at the moment but w/ translates to The Great Ego (Mahishasura?) is the final demon defeated.  Sounds like Choronzon to me, who can only be overcome by calling upon the name of Babalon. ( I seem to remember that Israel Regardie wrote that A.C. considered Babalon and Kali (Durga) to be one.)  The Chandi is recited to invoke Durga to overcome the multiplicity of one’s thoughts, desires, habits and all the armies of the Ego, to achieve liberation.  This is what Babalon seems to do, culminating in the overcoming of Choronzon to cross the Abyss.  But Babalon’s overcoming of division is through Love, and the sacrifice of the Selves into her cup.  Durga’s battle is fought through the imagery of war, Kali upon the battelfield.  Babalon’s battle is fought through the imagery of sex.  Yet both culminate in the drinking of blood.  Love is the Law, Love under Will.


Lilith and Babalon

One thing that’s been bothering me for a while, I keep reading that Lilith and Babalon are not the same.  Why do they say that?  The only place I’ve found where A.C. wrote much about Babalon was in the Vision and the Voice.  In this book, when he attains the aethyr where he encounters Babalon directly, he is outright forced to admit that Litith (the cat of slime) IS Babalon, and embrace her as such, before she will reveal herself to him in her beautiful form.  I realize that part of this is a way of expressing the nature of the Supernals, where there is no duality, or rather all things are equally their opposites, but this is exactly where A.C. encounters Babalon.  She is the ‘one’ who carries the pilgrim across the Abyss into the non-duality of the Supernals.  One’s separate being is sacrificed to her and through her reborn as a Master of the Temple.  Choronzon is the embodiment of division, of multiplicity and dispersion, he is the dweller in the Abyss, the home of Daath, the Demiurgos who seeks to keep us all bound in division, fighting, quarreling, amoungst our diverse Selves.  Babalon is the embodiment of gathering together and union.  She is the Gate of Heaven and one only comes to the Father through Her, though really, She and He are not separate, and their unity is embodied through the Baphomet.  Or at least this is my humble, personal, uninitiated understanding of the matter.

Personally, I see Babalon as outside division, but within division, below the Abyss, Her bright and dark natures are embodied in her handmaidens Lilith and Naamah (Lady of the Night, Lady of the Day).  I also see Chaos embodied in his groomsmen Samael and Asmodeus ( The setting sun, the rising sun),…. but that’s just me.



Oooh i’m in a posting mood today!  It’s gray, cloudy, and cool.  The cast iron pans I’ve been rejuvenating are all out of the oven and the pork shoulder has gone in, nothing really to do for the next 4 hours or so,….

Another view of the shrine for Mother Death and my Beloved Dead.

Another view of the shrine for Mother Death and my Beloved Dead.


I’ve been thinking about the similarities in various legends of The Fall.  The story of the Serpent and Eve and the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden is reflected in the Watchers descending to mate with the daughters of Cain and teaching the secrets of Heaven.  The Fallen, or, Teaching Angels, establish relations with women.  This brings to mind Paul Foster Case’s teachings re. the Tarot.  If I remember correctly the female in Tarot symbolizes the subconscious self and the male symbolizes the conscious self, or soul and mind.  The male images tend to look to the female, and the female looks to the Angel.  This can be seen in the Lovers and Devil cards in his BOTA deck, w/ reflect each other in so many ways.

Feasting my Beloved Dead on All Souls.

Feasting my Beloved Dead on All Souls.

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